Etgar 36

Professional Staff

Billy Planer

Director & Founder

Billy Planer is the Founder and Director of Etgar 36. He developed Etgar 36 after 20 years of leading synagogue youth programs and educating young people. He has led numerous trips around America and abroad. Billy graduated with a degree in Psychology and Advertising from Syracuse University and received a Master’s in Counseling from the school of Education at Georgia State University. He is from Atlanta and enjoys live music, travel, trying new restaurants, and sports. 

Etgar 36 Founder & Director Billy Planer gave an ELI talk (think TED but Jewish based) on the importance of speaking to those we disagree and how to do it. The core of what Etgar 36 is all about!

Scott Fried

Civil Rights Journey Educator

Scott Fried is a youth educator, international award-winning speaker, and writer. He graduated from New York University. Before joining Etgar 36 to lead Civil Rights journeys, Scott was an HIV/AIDS educator who spotlights the adolescent years, shining a powerful message of love, responsibility, and self-respect for parents and teens. Scott also works on honing the presentation skills of the Etgar 36 educators. 

Eli Klarman

Civil Rights Journey Educator

Eli has been connected with Etgar 36 as a participant on our journeys when he was in high school, a guest speaker/guide on our New Orleans journeys, and now as a Civil Rights journey educator. Eli grew up in Atlanta and graduated from Tulane University. As an entrepreneur, he has opened up an indoor rock climbing gym in New Orleans and Men’s groups in California. Inspired by Dr. King’s idea of a beloved community that he learned about on his Etgar 36 journey as a student, Eli is excited to bring his passion of building an equitable world. 

Avi Edelman

Civil Rights Journey Educator

Avi has over a decade of experience as an experiential educator, dialogue facilitator, and equity and inclusion trainer. He recently served as Columbia University’s Associate Director of Multicultural Affairs/Manager of Diversity Education, where he led intercultural dialogue programs for students and developed and implemented training for thousands of students, staff, and faculty. For ten years, he led an annual civil rights pilgrimage for teens through the U.S. South to explore the history of social justice in Black and Jewish communities. Avi lives in New York and works with organizations across the country to develop inclusive practices, build spaces of trust and understanding, and foster a culture of dialogue.