Etgar 36


How many teens are on the bus?

There are 35 teens on the bus. This allows for each teen to take full advantage of the meetings and not get lost in a big group. The program is filled on a first come, first served basis. There is a 20 person minimum for each trip to happen.

How do we travel and where do we stay?

Throughout the trip we stay in reputable, major brand hotels and all meals are in restaurants. We travel in luxury coach buses driven by professional drivers hired from companies with appropriate licensing.

Who is the staff?

The group is led by the bus captain who is an educator that has experience working with teens. Additional staff members, who have been in college for a minimum of two years, undergo a stringent screening process and receive extensive training.  Each bus captain carries a cellular phone and maintains daily communication with the home office in Atlanta. Local contacts have also been established throughout our route.

How religious is the trip?

The Etgar trip is not a religious trip, rather, it is a Jewish identity experience in which the participants will discover how, and on what level, Judaism relates to them as American citizens. We attend Friday night services at synagogues representing the various denominations. There are opportunities for discussions on Jewish spirituality, belief and theology. There are no mandatory religious obligations on the trip. Vegetarian and dairy options are available at every meal.