Etgar 36

Day Fifteen – Las Vegas

by Molly Rusoff

We started off the day with an 8:00 wake up. Then, we had a great breakfast at the hotel and hopped on the bus for two hours to Las Vegas. We had lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. Sweet Tomatoes is a restaurant that has a salad and pasta buffet with big dessert bar. After lunch we had some free time at the hotel to hang out and explore. 

Then we went to a lesson on HIV with Scott. We were asked the question, “are you enough?” The answer is you are enough. It made me feel that no matter what others think, I am enough and as he said, “you are beautiful whether you think it or not.” He also said, “to hear what others don’t say, to see what others aren’t showing, and to love what others don’t love about themselves” makes someone realize who they want to be. Earlier in his lesson, he asked the questions, “who am I?” “Who am I when I am left alone?” “Who are you when no one is looking?”  He made me realize that you should be a good person whether someone is looking or not. After that, we had a sex-ed talk. 

We had dinner at the buffet in the hotel and it was so good. After dinner, we went to the Vegas strip and we saw the volcano explode at the Mirage and walked around Caesar’s palace and the rest of the strip.