Etgar 36



Posted on July 1, 2023

– Zach Shapiro The day started out with a long 5 hour bus ride to Dallas. Our firsts top was the Sixth Floor Museum. The museum experience was very powerful for me because it is one thing to just read about the assassination and see the Zapruder film, but is entirely different to see where Continue Reading »

Day 5 – Dallas

Posted on July 2, 2022

by Jupiter Jaffe    Today started at 7:30am on the bus ride to Dallas, Texas, to visit the Sixth Floor Museum to learn about another topic that is monumental to America’s history: JFK’s assassination. Learning about JFK standing where he was murdered gave me, someone who wasn’t alive during his presidency, a chance to feel Continue Reading »

Day 6 – Dallas

Posted on July 3, 2021

By Micah Fisher Today the Etgar trip drove from Little Rock, Arkansas to Dallas, Texas, where we were able to learn about the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the rich history of the LGBTQIA+ and Jewish communities in Dallas. We woke up early in Little Rock to get on the bus for the long Continue Reading »

Day 6 – Dallas

Posted on July 6, 2019

By Kady Henry   For July 5th, we went from Little Rock, Arkansas to Dallas, Texas. The day started off with a five hour drive. As a native Texan, I cultured fellow travelers on the fine cuisine of Wattaburger, where 8 of us ended up having lunch. Once we arrived in Dallas we met with Continue Reading »