Etgar 36

Day Fourteen – The Grand Canyon

by Caleb Daniels

Yesterday we went to the Grand Canyon. I was astounded by the pure beauty of it and how you could see so far out in the distance blew my mind. The pure detail on the landscape really caught my eye. While we were on the mountain, Billy brought up the idea of meditation. I haven’t really explored meditation in because I always believed that meditation wouldn’t help me. Because I’m someone who has a lot on their mind at once, I always considered trying it, but I never got around to it.  Once we started to meditate and it got to full silence, I felt a sense of renewal and peace rush throughout my body.

I felt all my thoughts disappear and my mind was empty. On top of it being 100% silent, the pure beauty of the Grand Canyon helped as well. To me, this experience was really eye opening and I will use it as a reference for anytime I feel worried or stressed.

We also watched this documentary called I Am, which in my opinion was amazing. It was about a movie director and the issues he had to overcome in his life. It discussed how some people believe that the world is about survival of the fittest. However, the documentary wanted to stress that love is the most important thing in life, and humans are connected with everything on earth, which was extremely interesting to me.