Etgar 36

Day Thirty Eight – Washington DC and the return home!

by Daniella Cooper:

As our trip comes to a close, we met with Carly at AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), the Israeli-American lobbyist group. They informed us of the current problems between the US, Israel, and other countries, and how we can get involved. As a current vice-president of the Jewish Student Union and a sophomore at my high school, I found her ideas very interesting, as most of them involve working one on one with candidates and their campaigns. I was also intrigued by her constant repetition of the words “it has to start in high school.” That hit home for me, as it showed me that even though I’m not quite of a voting age, I can still be a great influence not only to the people in my circle, but to the people in my greater community as well.

As our final program, we had a wrap-up, which is something we have done constantly thought the trip. It was hard to hear everyone go around and say their favorite memories and meetings, then reflect and think, “wow.” That was only a month ago!” When my turn came around, I realized that we had only met each other 5 weeks ago. If it weren’t for Etgar 36, most of our paths likely wouldn’t have crossed. I am so glad that I was able to experience all the beauty of our country and discuss all sides of various political debates with my new found family. 

To: Etgar 36, 2018

I am so glad I got to know all of you and couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to travel with. I love you all! Keep in touch!