Etgar 36

Day Thirty Seven – Washington DC

by Bradley Pasekoff:

Today, we prepared for our journey to end with our final full day in Washington, D.C. We visited multiple museums and had some time to unwind in the city. 

To start off our day, we visited the Newseum. We spoke about the importance of a free and vibrant press to the success of a democracy. In the museum, we were able to witness and interact with numerous exhibits, including a 9/11 exhibit, a Pulitzer Prize photography exhibit, and a section of the Berlin wall.

Following our visit, we found a row of food trucks for lunch and ate on the National Mall. After, we had the option to either view the American Art Museum or the Air and Space Museum, both of which had great exhibits and provided plenty of material to learn from. We then regrouped and got on the bus to head to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.

There, we were able to further our learning on the oppression our fellow Jews faced during World War II. We were all touched and saddened by the quotes, images, and statistics given by the exhibit. 

As evening came around, we ate dinner and ventured to a local movie theater to watch Eighth Grade, a dramatic comedy about the difficulties navigating the sometimes difficult world of teenage years. It helped lighten the mood after a heavy dose of museum-going.

As tomorrow comes, we unfortunately have to say goodbye to three of our journeyers who will not be traveling with the group for the final two days of the trip.  We enjoyed their presence on the trip and look forward to meeting up again in the future.