Etgar 36

Day 14 – The Grand Canyon

by Micah Pierandri


This morning we made our way to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, which was one of the most beautiful, breath-taking places I’ve ever seen.

We took a hike for about thirty minutes around the north rim and then stopped to meditate (and take group photos of course!). There’s a saying that you can ‘hear the silence of the Grand Canyon’ and I can tell you that quote is true! We all took a few minutes to meditate quietly. It was so peaceful and relaxing to hear the wind blowing over the Canyon and the slight rustle of leaves on the trees we meditated. Opening my eyes after meditating felt like I was in a whole different world even if I had just seen the Canyon beforehand. Something about that moment in particular was just incredible! 

We then walked back to the Visitors’ Center where (funny story) I thought I had lost my phone in the Canyon, but in reality it was in the bathroom. Once we got back, we realized we had no phone service so Josh hopped in a shuttle to go find the bus as we waited and everyone let out cheers of joy once we saw the bus coming around the bend. On the ride back, we watched a movie called ‘Almost Famous,’ which was a good and funny movie and I totally recommend it!

We then closed out our day with dinner at Panda Garden, a Chinese restaurant in St. George, Utah, before heading back to the hotel. We had some free time before watching a documentary all together called ‘I am.’ It was an interesting documentary about our ability to work together as humans. Did you know that the tension levels measured in our body can affect the tension levels of things around us, including yogurt? Odd to think about right? It also shows how connected we all are. Today was an incredible day and I’m looking forward to Vegas Tomorrow!