Etgar 36

Day 15 – Las Vegas

This morning, we all woke up with a smile on our faces because we knew we were heading to Las Vegas. Our ride to Vegas consisted of everything from stunning, serene views of rock and mountain formations in Utah to the bustling city life of Vegas. 

Once we arrived at the hotel, we were amused by the fast-paced atmosphere, especially compared to the serenity of the Grand Canyon, where we had been the prior day. Finally settled into our rooms, we enjoyed some free time by the massive pool, gift shop, and the hotel’s other amenities. 

Following this time to relax and unwind, we met with Scott Fried, a teen educator, who talked with us about how we as humans are all beautiful, enough, and necessary to society. Afterwards, he gave us a class on safe sex, STDs, and STIs, which is particularly poignant coming from him, since he lives with HIV. Personally, he was one of my favorite speakers because he seemed to truly care about each one of us and is passionate about making teens feel confident and aware of their self-worth. 

After this long and inspiring meeting, we enjoyed a classic Las Vegas favorite: a dinner buffet! There were many different types of food from a variety of cultures and ethnicities. It was definitely the best food we’ve had so far this trip. Lastly, we saw the lights and sights of the Vegas strip. During our time there, we watched a volcano and water show which were over-the-top and truly indicative of how Las Vegas operates.