Etgar 36

Day 23 – Chicago

by Robert Horn


We woke up in Chicago and headed downtown to meet with the Metropolitan Planning Council, an urban planning research and advocacy organization. They led us in activities with their staff and research material about a number of issues facing Chicago. It was all very interesting and thought provoking.


After that meeting in the heart of the Windy City, the group (now twenty-two individuals) went out for some of Chicago’s finest: deep dish pizza. Of course, debates broke out over whether or not deep dish is as good as New York style, which anyone could have predicted, being that there are multiple kids from the respective cities. We then traveled to Millenium Park and took our photos with the iconic Bean sculpture, located right off Lake Michigan.

Just across the street was the Art Institute of Chicago, where we spent about two hours exploring. The highlight of the museum for me was easily the medieval armor. The museum was huge and had many types and eras of art from which to choose. From the museum, we walked over to Grant Park to discuss the 1968 Democratic Riots and their lasting impact on America’s politics.




We had some free time hanging out by Lake Michigan before going to another one of Chicago’s main attractions: an improv comedy show. We discussed the historical background of improv in Chicago and then went in to Improv Olympics for a great show.