Etgar 36

Day 13 – Zion National Park

by Max Klayman

At the start of our journey, Billy told us that not everything would go according to plan, and today completely exemplified that. When we arrived at Zion National Park, after a long 5 hour drive, we dismounted into the oppressive heat. However, as we boarded the shuttles to take us into Zion National Park and the beginning of the hike, we received warning that there would be a flash flood, or at least potential for one. As a result, we were unable to complete our hike, but we rolled with the punches, and headed to the hotel. While the lack of hiking was a huge disappointment, I really enjoyed the time I got to spend with everyone during the excessive free time.

The services tonight were beautiful, as several kids led us prayer. The service combined both modern and traditional elements, as everyone was fully engaged. Micah lead a beautiful section on loss, as Matan and Niva guided the service. Overall, this day really showed the resilience of our group, as well as how we have truly bonded.