Etgar 36

Day 14 – The Grand Canyon

by Sophie Rice
    Today was truly life changing! The Grand Canyon was so breathtaking! We walked for a bit on the North Rim and saw how vast the canyon really is. After some time, we found our own space and Billy led us through basic  meditation. Meditating at the Grand Canyon was truly a unique experience. Whether we were looking out at the canyon or closing our eyes, we could sense the power of the natural world. 
     Later, we watched the documentary “I Am”. It taught us about how human nature is not about the “survival of the fittest” society like we think it is, and that kindness links us to one another. The documentary explains how everything, including the air, connects us and how we need to help each other instead of contributing to what divides us apart.
         The experiences today as a whole made me grateful to be on a journey seeing America firsthand. Being in the presence of such powerful nature made me realize that I may be small, but I can make a huge impact just by doing a small act of compassion. “I Am” ended the day in a perfect way by opening our minds to new ideas and ways of thinking about our world.