Etgar 36

Day 15 – Las Vegas

by Joe Tourk

     Our day started with a two hour drive to Las Vegas. Once we arrived in Vegas we got to our hotel: The Orleans. We then had free time to explore the hotel! During the two hour free time given to us, I got some food at Sbarro, walked through the casino, checked out the (awesome) pool and went to the arcade.
      After our free time, we met with our speaker Scott Fried. After about 20 minutes of him speaking to us, he had me roped into his talk. He was such a beautiful speaker, he kept letting us know that we are worthy of love and that we’re enough. He opened up to us about his experience with HIV and other formative life experiences. After an hour of talking with him, which flew by, I had time to be with him in a smaller group, where we had time to ask questions. He brought students to tears with his eloquent answers. He then taught us about different STDs and viral versus bacterial diseases. All the information he taught was stuff I thought I learned in school, but clearly didn’t. He then made us do an exercise where we had to open condoms correctly and put them onto a cucumber.
     After our absolutely amazing and educational discussion with Scott, we went to the main strip in Las Vegas. We went to a volcano expecting a big splash to come out but it never came. We then went to the Bellagio fountain to hope for better fortune but still no splash. This was an overall incredible day and I’m excited to see more of Las Vegas tomorrow!