Etgar 36

Day 29 – Woodstock

by Phoenix Moses-Rosenthal


     Today started with our last bagel breakfast in New York. After eating, we headed to the beautiful location where the Woodstock festival took place ( Bethel, New York). It was around a two hour ride and had very nice scenery of the city. Once we arrived, we explored the sprawling land and museum. Kandice, our tour guide, taught us all about the festival and movements going on during the 1960’s. Woodstock was one of the biggest festivals ever with over 400,000 audience members and 32 acts. It lasted three days despite terrible storms. After learning about Woodstock, we were able to explore the different exhibits in the museum.

     Then, we were told to express our activism through art work. Everyone made a poster about something that was important to them and felt needed change. The activity made me realize how impactful art can be on activism. There are many famous posters and songs that have made huge impacts on movements. Art can be for everyone and is easily accessible. Someone who is not interested in activism might like music and many songs are all about pushing for change.  If your favorite artist is supporting something you may be more inclined to act on it.

    After Woodstock we had a nearly three hour drive to dinner in Hartford, Connecticut. We ate at a food hall and then had a two hour drive to Boston Massachusetts.
Overall, today was mostly a travel day but the stop at Woodstock was fun, interesting, and unique. Boston, here we come!