Etgar 36

Day 36 – Closing Our Journey at the Capital

by Samuel Mitchneck

     Our last day was one of the most interesting days, in my opinion. It began breakfast (a hotel-quality blueberry muffin). We then went into a conference room and discussed our meetings in DC and our meeting in Baltimore. This was followed by a drive into DC, specifically to the Holocaust Museum. We had to crowd under a small roofed area due to the rain, but we didn’t melt into the ground. It was there that I was once again reminded of the dangers of fascism and all things that lead to it. There was a train car in the museum. I remember walking into it and just standing there in the dark. Many, many souls must have been trapped here as they were brought to their deaths in whatever hell-on-earth awaited them when the train came to a stop.

       Then, we met up at around 1pm to get lunch and travel to the National Mall one last time, this time for the various museums. Most of us initially went to the National Air and Space Museum. Sadly, a large portion of the museum was undergoing renovations. Still, was able to see one of the first planes ever made! Eventually, we met up at a specific spot at around 5:30. What happened next was something I will not forget.
    We went up to the other side of Capitol Hill. Here, a protest was being held concerning the end of the eviction moratorium. There, we met with staff members who worked for Representative Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY-14), along with my personal favorite out of all 435 representatives, Cori Bush (D-MO-1). What she said inspired me, and most likely all of us, to take action in our lifetimes. We also got to take photos with her in front of the House of Representatives section of the Capitol.

    In the evening, we drove up to a street with a bookstore that was unique to DC- Busboys and Poets. We then had dinner nearby. Many of us went to this Italian place with great food- Alta Strata. I remember Evan’s spaghetti releasing large amounts of steam as he tried to eat it within the short time frame that we were given. I had to eat my rigatoni bolognese pretty quickly but it was still so good!
      Next, we got on the bus and returned to our hotel for one last, meaningful night together, where I am currently writing this entry. I feel honored to write this last entry for this amazing journey.