Etgar 36

Day 12 – Zion National Park

by Elijah Berkowitz


After waking up in Salt Lake City, Utah at 7:00, we took the scenic, three-hour bus ride through Utah’s deserts and mountains to Zion National Park. We stopped in Cedar City, Utah for lunch, where we split up. I and others got Chipotle.

Once we arrived at Zion, we took a park shuttle up to “The Narrows”, a beautiful part of the park where the cliffs and canyons narrow. Shortly after arriving there, Josh discussed water issues in the western United States regarding the use of water from the Colorado river: individuals are a small fraction of water usage, and industry is the larger issue. While our hike was short, I truly enjoyed it. I stand by my claim that the United States has the best nature on earth and seeing Zion only affirmed that opinion for me.

After getting to the hotel, we had 3 hours to eat dinner (pizza and salad) and spend our time however we wanted before services. Some of my friends and I spent most of our free time at the outdoor pool, which was soothing in the 100+ degree heat.

At 9, Eli led Friday night services outside. It was a Reconstructionist service, in which we discussed our experiences with Judaism and what we were grateful for from the past week. No books involved.