Etgar 36

Day 27 – New York City

By Evan

Today is a sad day because it’s my last day on Etgar. We started off the day by taking the subway down to Battery Park. While at the park we talked about how immigrants came to the U.S. and through Ellis Island. We also discussed where our ancestors came from as well as what the American dream was to them.

After Battery Park we walked over to Wall Street and then headed to Ground Zero. Seeing the memorial was a very emotional experience. It’s just hard to think about what friends and families of the victims had to go through after the events of 9/11.

We then made our way to the Jewish Museum which was very small yet was able to fit so much information and art. There we saw many Jewish artifacts ranging from Hanukkah lamps to torahs as well as learning about Judaism in New York between the years of 1962 to 1964 which was very interesting.

We then continued our journey and made our way to China Town and Little Italy. It was very intriguing to see both towns and cultures right next to each other. While in Little Italy I got gelato which was way to expensive for the small amount that they gave me.

Once we got back to the hotel we had to say goodbye to Maya, Jupiter, and to our wonderful counselor Eli. Saying goodbye was very difficult as our friendship over the trip has grown so large.