Etgar 36

Las Vegas Day 2

– Anisa Valdez

This morning we were able to attend the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas. Learning about jobs we might not notice or pay much attention to. Culinary Academy provides opportunities for everyone. Helping students learn English while also learning skills for a job. The school offers programs from culinary to housekeeping. I gained an understanding of how people that we don’t always see can make a huge difference in our life. We also focused our attention on minimum wage and living wage. This impacted me because I saw how people who live off of minimum wage it is hard to support themselves or a whole family. What is the gap between the two in your state?

For lunch, some of our group from the East Coast got to experience In And Out Burgers for the first time. 

Later in the day, we talked to Niger Innis. Niger is originally from Harlem, New York, and is part of the MAGA community of the GOP. Niger spoke about the meaning of being Black and Republican and his views on current political issues and policies. To me, talking to someone who does not have the same political views was very impactful. Niger is fighting for what he cares about, just like me, but on the other side. It was amazing to hear someone with a different opinion advance my activism and be able to now see all sides of the topic. Being able to have a conversation peacefully. Today was a successful day and very educational.