Etgar 36

Travel Day

– Maya Goldman 

We started off the day bright and early at the beautiful hour of 5 am. We headed to the airport, where we had to say goodbye to 6 of our friends with whom we had bonded over the past three weeks. It was difficult to say goodbye because we had all become such a close group. Everyone was so welcoming and tried their best to ensure everyone felt like they belonged. We had made so many memories with them, making it so hard to say goodbye. But sadly, we had a plane to catch, so we gave them our last big hugs before we went our separate ways. We hopped on a plane and headed for Chicago. It was a 3.5 hour flight where some of us slept, watched a movie, and/or listened to the beautiful screams of the two year old a few rows up. Once we had landed, we had a small lunch at the airport, grabbed our bags, and made our way to the hotel. We got to hang out and relax for the rest of the day, preparing for the busy two weeks ahead of us. After 2 hours, we grabbed some dinner, returned to the hotel, had a little more free time, and were off to bed.