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New York City

Day Twenty Seven – New York City

Posted on July 22, 2018

by William Mesnick The second day in New York City began with wake up at 6:45 AM. After meeting downstairs at 7:45, we got another opportunity to sample the New York City public transportation by taking the crosstown bus to the Upper East Side for breakfast. We were invited to the home of Teri Volpert, which was quite Continue Reading »

Day Twenty Six – New York City

Posted on July 22, 2018

by Liberty Lapayowker We started off our day with a 6:30am wake up call, in order to get us rolling out of bed and into the Big Apple. On our way, we experienced wawa’s, I wasn’t a big fan, but everyone else really enjoyed it. Once we got to the city, we met with a man named Evan Continue Reading »

Day 28: New York City

Posted on July 24, 2016

By Nathan Davis: Today, we continued our discussion on the American Dream as we traveled through many different parts of New York City. We started off in the streets of Harlem and discussed the history of bebop jazz as well as Langston Hughes, a famous Harlem Renaissance writer. As I walked through Harlem, I was Continue Reading »

Day 27: New York City

Posted on July 23, 2016

By Ellie Rappoport:   The beginning of our day started off with us hopping on and off of three trains to get to Battery Park, Ellis Island and the Statute of Liberty. We talked about where are ancestors came from, why they came to America, and the American Dream and whether or not it still has Continue Reading »

Day 26: New York City

Posted on July 22, 2016

By Dylan Swickle: Today’s day started at an early 7:30am. We headed down to breakfast where we had to order the food and then eat it which took forever. We were supposed to leave at 7:30 but ended up leaving at 8:10. Although it was a long wait, for me, it was worth it, partially Continue Reading »

Day 29- New York, Boston

Posted on July 30, 2015

– Eli Shapiro I personally started off the day by waking up late and missing breakfast. After missing breakfast, the whole group went to Central Park to discuss our feelings about New York. In my discussion group, I argued with a New Yorker about if my hometown Chicago or New York City is better. After Continue Reading »

Day 28- New York City

Posted on July 26, 2015

– Sam Jamison At 8:30 AM EST, under a dozen teenagers collected in the lobby of the Days Inn to enjoy breakfast as a group. Led by staff member Eli, they trooped across a cross walk to a breakfast. Eli spotted a breakfast place that looked delectable to him almost immediately and he redirected the group, Continue Reading »

Day 27- New York City

Posted on July 26, 2015

– Sharon Sayagh Our second day in New York City was an amazing one. In the morning, we hopped on the subway and made our way to Battery Park, which offered a view of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.  Given the fact that the theme of our visit to NYC is the American Continue Reading »

Day 26- New York City

Posted on July 24, 2015

– Dani Luntz We started our day bright and early at 7:30 AM and headed towards (in my opinion) the greatest American city, Manhattan. Even though we woke up early, we got to sleep on our really long drive from our last hotel in Clarion, PA. Not only did we get to go to an Continue Reading »

Day 28-New York City to Boston-by Jordan Strudler

Posted on July 27, 2014

We woke up this morning in the city that never sleeps and said goodbye to some of the great friends we met along the way. Raina Gars left the previous night, and in the morning, Adam Lightman and Alexa Rakusin left as well. After getting bagels and coffee from the corner café across the street, Continue Reading »