Etgar 36

Washington, DC

Day Thirty Three – Philadelphia and DC

Posted on July 26, 2018

by Charlotte Reing: We started our day by heading back into downtown Philadelphia to go to the Constitution Museum; a fitting place to visit during our time in Philly. We watched a short presentation on the history of the Constitution, and then proceeded to walk around the museum at our own pace. The top floor Continue Reading »

Day 36: Washington DC

Posted on August 1, 2016

By Sydney Kass: Yesterday, the cast of Etgar 36 fabulously played the roles of tourists in Washington D.C. First, we explored the Newseum: a museum that pays tribute to the rights of the first amendment and those who feed the public information. It is by far my favorite museum. Exhibits such as the Pulitzer Prize Continue Reading »

Day 35: Washington DC

Posted on July 31, 2016

By Tyler Worobow: We started the day off strong by having a meeting with 2 speakers from the National Coalition for the Homeless. Both the speakers, Karen and John used to be homeless. They shared their stories with us and gave us a deeper look into what it is like to be homeless. John was very Continue Reading »

Day 34: Washington DC

Posted on July 30, 2016

Our second day in the nation’s capital was jam-packed from the minute we stepped off the bus. Our first stop was at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank which believes in traditional American values and principles, such as limited government and individual liberties. To counter our conversation with United for a Fair Economy in Continue Reading »

Day 33: Washington DC

Posted on July 29, 2016

By Nathan Davis: We started our day in Washington, D.C. by discussing the pros and cons of legalization of marijuana in preparation for our talk with N.O.R.M.L, a foundation advocating for legalization of marijuana. We spoke about the pros and cons of full legalization as well as mandatory minimums. This was one of the issues Continue Reading »

Day 37- Washington, DC

Posted on August 4, 2015

– Jennifer Gray We left the hotel early this morning and headed to meet with AIPAC, whose main goal is to keep strong relations between Israel and the United States. We also learned about their views against the Iran deal. While some of their views could be considered controversial, it was interesting to hear people Continue Reading »

Day 35- Washington, DC

Posted on August 2, 2015

– Julia Horowitz We began our third full day in Washington, D.C. by visiting the National Coalition for the Homeless, an organization fighting to end homelessness. We got to hear the incredible stories of John and Penny, two former homeless people. John told us about how he lived a normal life, and never would have Continue Reading »

Day 34- Washington, DC

Posted on August 2, 2015

– Jamie Miller On our second full day in D.C. we started our day speaking with the Heritage Foundation about an imperative Issue… The economy. Although they are non partisan think tank, they promote the conservative right approach to solving our societies issues.  A representative of the Heritage Foundation James Sherk rebutted the arguments made Continue Reading »

Day 33- Washington, DC

Posted on July 31, 2015

– Casey Goldstein Today was a fun-filled yet educational day. To start off, we drove 45 minutes from our Hyatt Hotel to our first destination. In other words, we all had a great nap! As we stretched our way off the bus, we arrived at a meeting with the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, Continue Reading »

Day 36-Washington D.C. to Gastonia, North Carolina-by Jordan Kaplan

Posted on August 4, 2014

The last day of our journey was a memorable one.                 We began by meeting with AIPAC, at their building in downtown Washington D.C.  AIPAC, which stands for American Israel Public Affairs Committee, advocates for a strong relationship between the United States and Israel. Their main focus is Continue Reading »